The Birthright Educators Foundation was started by the couple, Pastor Lino  and Miriam del Rosario  twenty years ago, in 1996.  It came about when the couple was exposed to special children in the hospital where their daughter Danielle had chemotherapy due to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Seeing the burdened parents and the special children who were usually Danielle’s roommates in the hospital had put a burden in their hearts to start a ministry to counsel parents and rehabilitate children with disabilities.

 Mrs. Miriam del Rosario was awarded a Presidential scholarship at the University of the Philippines, Diliman as she was  recommended by her professors and finished her Master degree in Special Education in 1995. Volunteer teachers in Birthright were then given scholarships also at the University of the Philippines to take a Master Degree  in Special Education.

  Due to the advocacy of The  Birthright  staff and parents of special children, former  Mayor Ignacio Bunye of Muntinlupa City donated P68, 000.00 to start The Birthright Educators Foundation in 1996. It became the first special school to be licensed and recognized in the city.

 Birthright’s philosophy that  every child  deserves an education prompted the management of the school to accept children in various economic status, offering socialized tuition fees to disadvantaged children. 

  Today, The Birthright School is a recognized special school  in Muntinlupa with more than a hundred students and  has a faculty and staff of more than 25 people.  It uses the School of Tomorrow System in educating children  which has a proven character building curriculum.  Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have passed its  portals and went on to get college degrees.   

​​​​​No, do not sell your child's "birthright" to education! Send your child to us. Education is the most dynamic rehabilitative process that leads to real empowerment. Our goal is to uplift the self-esteem of the child, connect him to social groups and services and give him a chance to participate on decisions that affect his life at home and in the community so that one day he will be able to reach his optimum potential and help others. This is what our Sped school in Muntinlupa aims for. 

Our Vision:

An inclusive world where every child exercises his fullest potential.


  An inclusive  school with special education resources  in Muntinlupa​ City


​of this Special school in Muntinlupa City

Teacher  Danielle Abrasaldo

Pre-school Supervisor and Music Therapist

THE BIRTHRIGHT SCHOOL  is an inclusive school with special education resources  in Muntinlupa City which accepts children from ages 3 to 18 years old who possess any of the following impairments;

Developmental Delay

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Disability

Hearing Deficit

Behaviour Problem

Neurological Defects such as                Cerebral Palsy

Chronic iIlness to require

        Special Education

Teacher Marlo  Narag
One-to-one Academic Therapist 
1. One-to-one session with a SpEd Teacher or ​​Therapist- for children       who need to develop basic sitting skills, attention and communication.

2. Reading Readiness Class - for children with fair  attention and concentration skills but need to develop  social, communication and pre-academic skills. The children are also exposed to a verbal environment so that they can develop speech and learn language.

​3. ABC's With Ace  and Christi-A phonetic Reading program for children who already gained pre-academic skills for Reading and Writing. 

4. Inclusive Class for children  going through the Elementary course - Levels I to 7 using the School of Tomorrow system with regular children as peers.

5. Small Group classes for children with similar  assessment results and level of functioning.

6. Pre-Vocational Class- for youngsters who need to be trained for independent living, survival skills and body coordination training.

​7. Daily Living  Skills Class-  for children who need to learn proper working skills so that they can take care of themselves and  contribute to home chores . 

Teacher Iya Monroid
Birthright's Learning Center Principal
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It takes a team of dedicated teachers to make a powerful team of special teachers and therapists with experience and expertize. Our main teachers have been with our special school in Muntinlupa City for more than 10 years. Others have started their career with us and stayed because of their burden and love for children with disabilities. We're fortunate to have some of the best graduate students from the University of the Philippines, dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause. This is what makes Birthright a strong and dependable SpEd school in Muntinlupa City .
Teacher Josie Cervantes  
​One-to-one SpEd Academic Therapist 


​Student Population

 Every  child  has  the right to education.

​​​​​​Teacher Erleen de la Cruz

Learning Center Supervisor


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Our Mission:

​​  Train every child to be  responsible, interdependent and use his optimum  potential to help others.