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Oliver, my son has been in Birthright since he was  4 years old. In Birthright, the teachers treat  their students as family member. The teachers are very patient, caring, and considerate in dealing with their students, most especially those who need extra attention. They focus more on the weakest side of the student. Oliver continuously improved in his verbal communication because of his continued tongue twister exercises with his one-on-one teacher. Also, his comprehension improved a lot by following his IEP made every semester by the school.  He enjoys Family Fun Day, P.E., and cooking activities in the PRE-VOC Class. My husband and I highly recommend Birthright School for children with disability.

​​My son, Andrei studied in Birthright for 7 years in elementary. I sent him to Birthright because I received a lot of recommendations stating that Birthright is highly capable of handling Learners with Special Educational Needs. Throughout my son's stay in Birthright, I have noticed continuous progress and improvement not only academically and socially but also spiritually. My son enjoyed a lot of activities in Birthright such as Family Fun Day, Special Olympics, and Friday Night Fellowship.
Birthright teachers are well trained and very knowledgeable in handling different disabilities of their students. They are very much devoted and dedicated to their vocation. As a mother and a teacher, I highly recommend Birthright to parents with children having special needs or disability.



My grandson EJ studied in Birthright for 10 years. His mother and I chose it because it is the only school in town which has the best curriculum for a child with learning disability. Teachers in Birthright are diligent, patient, compassionate and trustworthy. The school has many activites even for parents which we loved--Bible studies, Christmas Family Convention, Linggo ng Wika, United nations Day etc. I would recommend Birthright to any parent looking for a very good school for their child with disability.

Our four typical children all studied in Birthright for a span of 18 years. This school encouraged our children to be aware, understanding and loving towards children with disabilities. They were able to be friends and classmates with these wonderful children and learned to protect and care for them. Birthright is a safe educational environment for everyone. Its curriculum may be different from other secular schools but very effective and moral oriented. It has helped my kids to be immersed and understand much of the lessons. Their teachers are great educators and influencers. They teach and guide students in academics and life. They set good examples with their life testimonies; and they are very dedicated to their job. This is why in July 2019, after our kids graduated from college, we decided to throw a small dinner party for the teachers and give them gifts. We wanted to thank them for guiding, helping, and for playing a huge part in our children’s growth and maturity in life.

My children stayed in Birthright for 8 years. The environment and curriculum are perfect for my son with ASD. My daughter, Abisha (who is a typical girl) learned how to be independent and responsible and enjoyed her stay at Birthright. Both my children enjoyed their Arts activities, Family Fun Days, and other school events. The teachers in Birthright helped my son improve  a lot especially in the aspects of discipline and education, particularly in Reading. I would definitely recommend Birthright to parents who have children with disabilities. 

Since three of our four children are all special kids, we felt Birthright could support, guide and care for them more than the other schools we’ve been to. The teachers and all the staff are very attentive, patient, supportive, well educated and well mannered with the right amount of strictness and care for all their students. They are the best teachers I have ever met. They are very simple, down to earth, sincere and truly have good hearts for their students and their families. You can't help but love them too.
Everyone is easy to talk to and they deal with everyone on a personal level. They don’t just feel like school to us, not even friends…they are a family to us because that is how they made us feel, up to now. Even the tuition fees are very reasonable. My children loved all the school activities. In the long years that we’ve been with them, even after two of our children graduated, we never had any misgiving nor do we lack in anything. 

I let Lylette stay with Birthright because God is honored in this school. Teachers pray for their pupils. The school’s curriculum is child-centered. The activities are tailored fit to the needs of the child. Lylette enjoys the Math Activities, Cooking Activities, Art Activities, Activities in P.E. and all the other activities especially those activities that require her to dress up. Birthright teachers are friendly and approachable. They listen and answer questions related to my child professionally. I’m very much impressed with the way they handle and manage children even the most difficult ones. I will always recommend Birthright to parents with a special child like me.  My daughter Lylette is a living proof that with the proper guidance and education that the Birthright provided, special children will be able to reach their full potential and be a productive individual.



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After three years in Birthright, I believe this school is the best for my son, Carlos. I have full confidence in Birthright's Directress, its principal, its teachers and all others in the school. Who else but persons who follow and have the wisdom to obey God’s will and teachings are capable of loving and understanding my child? Who else, but persons with love and respect for others are best suited to patiently and relentlessly guide and teach my child. I see in them the love for my child. The teachers of Birthright are great! They amaze me with their patience, diligence, and resilience in employing different approaches and strategies in gaining the confidence and the desired response of every child. They proceed with caution in mind, ready, mindful and determined to teach to effect learning. They have never disappointed me. They are very supportive of my child in coping  with his subjects. I really like them. 
Carlos' favorite school event is the Christmas Family Convention (CFC) where all members of the child’s family are invited to come and join in different activities. It is a whole day affair of games, cheers, physical and mental challenges, preparation and sharing of food and eating together. Every child participates in activities apt for him. 
I strongly recommend Birthright School to parents who are still looking for a school good for their child. 



I sent my son Yuji to Birthright for two years until we came back to Japan because it believes in the equality of children and it has a good inclusion philosophy. My child was encouraged to participate in all activities as the school believes that no child should be left behind. The teachers are kind and have the heart to understand any student. They believe that all students are equal. I would recommend Birthright to any parent.


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My brother, Paulo chose to stay in Birthright for more than ten years. Based on what I observed, I think he felt the sincerity of his teachers and the staff of Birthright. He loved the sports activities and the dance presentations where he participated. I can't thank the teachers enough for their patience. They genuinely care about their students. The attention they gave to my brother was not limited to school hours. There were many occasions when help was given to my brother when I physically can not attend to his needs. I am grateful for the kindness and the loving atmosphere provided to my brother in Birthright. I will absolutely recommend Birthright to everyone.


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