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This has been detrimental to their psycho-social well being to the point that some children with disabilities have stopped communicating even with their own family members. This is the reason that Birthright together with the Persons with Disabilities  Affairs Office (PDAO)  conceptualized the Barangay Friendship Games last December 2, 2022.

The Barangay Friendship Games was participated by eight barangays of Muntinlupa City. The PWD Focal Persons facilitated the participation of each of their barangays. Overall, 298 participants came, 137 of whom were children with disabilities and the rest were typical children, parents, guardians,  and other concerned persons for the disabled community.

Since the Covid lockdown last March 15, 2020,  there has been no sports program for Children and Youths with Disabilities (CYWD) in Muntinlupa City. All face to face activities ceased and children and youths with disabilities had no choice but to stay at home, missing school and social interactions with other people.