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Educating children with disabilities in Muntinlupa,  Special needs School

A special school in Muntinlupa City administered by The Birthright Educators Foundation Inc.

A SpEd school in Muntinlupa City serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Intellectual Disorders.

An inclusive school with special education resources in Muntinlupa for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Intellectual  Challenges, Behavior Problems, and Communication Problems.​​

Hello Birthright School!
A pleasant evening to Birthright students, to all parents/guardians, guests, to all Birthright teachers, and most especially to the founder of Birthright School, Teacher Miriam and Pastor Jun del Rosario.

After 4 years of struggle in college here I am now in front of you, Birthright, to proudly announce that I have finished my course in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with flying colors, meaning- I have graduated with 5 awards and 1 certificate which I can be truly proud of: Special Academic awardee, Dr. Danilo V. Ayap Award for Excellence, Service Awardee, Deportment Awardee, Athlete of the Year Awardee, and membership certificate of Royal Institute Singapore. This only proves that no matter who and what you are, a regular child or a child with disability, Birthright School can handle it.

I started my education at Birthright School when I was about 3 yrs. old. According to my mother, I started zero, meaning, I cannot even speak any word but through the patience of Birthright teachers/mentors to my conditions, they have developed me like a normal person. I am lucky because even though I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have parents who supported me to pursue my studies, I have my sister Aileen who sacrificed her profession, to bring me to school everyday, guided me in all my school activities until I graduated my secondary schooling at Birthright. I and my parents are lucky because they found Birthright School to help me in my education. And my deepest thanks to the Lord Almighty who guided me always from the time I was born until today and so my future as well. This coming May, I will start my review in preparation for my CPA Board Exam.

These are the things I have learned in Birthright which prepared me for life:
1. In Birthright, I have learned that it is not only important to develop speech, but to speak kindly and encouraging words.
2. I have learned not only to study but to mind the things of others.
3. I have learned not only to know God but to pray for others.
4. I have learned not only to socialize but to be a good friend to others.
5. I have learned to obey my parents in the Lord for this is right.
I hope all of you students with disabilities will persevere and reach for your dreams. Birthright will prepare you for life.
Again, my deepest thanks to all the persons who have been part of my life until I reached what I am now, and I pray and hope that I will be soon a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
I am proud to be a product of The Birthright Educators’ Foundation, Inc.
Maraming maraming salamat po The Birthright School. Mabuhay!




Adjustment to the

"New Normal"

in Education

Jan Christopher Hernandez

An inclusive school with special education resources


In our special school, every child with Autism or other disabilities gets the attention he needs to bring him to his optimum potential so that one day he could help others. 

​​​​​​​​​​​Bong’s story

(Zherwin Balota) Bong used to roam around Parkhomes throwing stones at people. At 9, he was known as the village problem, walking around aimlessly, ringing house bells and getting laundry soaps from the stores. When Birthright started, he was one of our first four students. The teacher used to follow him around and pay for the laundry soaps he would get from the stores. He had no sitting skill and could not communicate his needs. He would recite advertisements but had no eye contact and could not communicate his needs. That was 20 years ago. Today, Teacher Bong is respected by the students of the Phonetic Reading class. His sheer size is not the only explanation but his professional attitude and the seriousness by which he does his job. Bong has mastered all of Teacher Iya’s verbal instructions, complete with reactions to certain students’ actions.

We stumbled into Bong’s talents years ago. Bong didn’t have classes anymore so Teacher Iya asked him to ring the bell for the Phonetic Reading students for them to fall in line before going into their classroom. Surprisingly, Bong has mastered all the commands for forming a line. When the students went up the stairs with him in front, Teacher Iya noticed a twinkle in his eyes that showed just how much he was proud of what he was doing. She consulted Teacher Miriam about making Bong the Assistant Teacher of the Phonetic Reading class that school-year and the rest is history.
Teacher Bong was supposed to be the Assistant Teacher of the Phonetic Reading class only, but one day, at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon, he rang the bell for all the Birthright students. This meant that the students were supposed to line up before going to the Learning Center. Teacher Bong proceeded to lead them in prayer and told the students to sit down and start their PACE work. All the teachers were amazed by the precision and the correctness of his actions. Not long after that, he started going around the Learning Center to attend to students whose flags were raised. He knew what to ask the students, gave permission and responded to their thank you’s.

Birthright is so blessed by Teacher Bong’s dedication and helpfulness. No one imagined that one day he would become an Assistant Teacher and a Monitor in Birthright. Although his job does not require him to teach students directly, the seven years that the teachers spent in educating and rehabilitating Bong has paid off. Today, Bong is giving back what Birthright has planted in him. Bong just graduated from the Vocational program last year where he learned to cook and housework. He also learned carpentry, creative projects and crafts. Bong’s parents are glad that Bong has been trained to do all the survival skills in Birthright. Because of his vocational training, he can be trusted to do the grocery, market for their needs, and cook their meals on his own. He also does the laundry for his senior parents. He is the last one to inspect everything around the house at night and puts off the light before sleeping  All of Bong’s sisters are married and are out of their home but Bong stays at home with his parents and one brother and he takes care of them.


Continuous Assessment
To ensure a proper and correct placement, we conduct a diagnostic examination and make an inventory of the child's strengths and weaknesses so that a proper Individualized Educational Prescription is formulated for the child, to be implemented by the teacher and his therapists. This makes us a unique Sped school in Muntinlupa City.

A special school in Muntinlupa City

This is the speech that Jan Christopher Hernandez delivered last April, 2017 during Birthright's Commencement Exercises at Vikings;

​​​​What this Sped school in Muntinlupa has done to the lives of two children with Autism:

The stories of Bong Balota  and JC Hernandez are typical Birthright students success stories.

In this special school in Muntinlupa, every child's entrance to our program starts with a comprehensive assessment. We take the time to evaluate the unique communication, cognitive, and psycho-social challenges that may be lurking, so that an individualized education customized program can be created.

Uses blended delivery mode of learning under its Remote Learning Center Education (Distance Learning) .

  • Modular Learning through the use of self-learning materials given to learners who undertake self-directed study at home. The materials called “PACEs” are published and distributed by School of Tomorrow.
  • Online Learning through lectures, discussions, and group activities via the internet. Online delivery will use both;

                        a. Synchronous learning by which students and teacher meet in                                 real using video conferencing, live chatting, or live-streaming.

                        b. Asynchronous learning by which students can access teacher-                               provided materials – video lessons, video clips, reading                                               materials – at different times.

Individualized Education